Sunday, July 4, 2010

Secret Weapon: Box

This weekend has been really busy... and I have a confession... my garage sale didn't happen.

I am pretty bummed about it, but things just got super busy super fast. Not that this is a good excuse. It's actually a good window into what normally happens to me. I plan something out and then end up without any time or energy to carry through. However, this time my time is limited and the clock is still ticking away down to Thrift Time.

I tackled a few areas this week (my car and more laundry room) but I'll add those numbers later.

I did want to give you a suggestion on how to conquer some trouble areas in a very effective way... and in no time at all!

1) Find a trouble zone (mine is the little bar counter in our kitchen)
2) Grab a good sized box (hello, Kirkland Wipes box) and a trash bag
3) Take EVERYTHING out of the area and place it into either the box or the trash bag. That's right... every items fate is decided immediately. Is it broken, ruined, worthless? Trash it. Is it necessary, needed, wanted (even possibly)? Box. See... easy peasy!
4. Grab your favorite cleaner and wipe down the area. Dust, wipe, scrub... whatever is necessary.
5. Now... Separate the stuff in the box into items you use and items you might use sometime. The items you use, clean them up and put them in their new home, on purpose. Make the space the way you want it to stay.
6. Take the remaining items and either tape up the box or put them into another container. Close it up and put it out of sight. After a few months of not needing those items, donate them or trash them... but DON'T pull it out and resort! You've already proven you don't really need anything in there!

Any tips you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them!


  1. That's how I cleaned my kitchen yesterday, except I didn't give myself a 'toss later' box. I just tossed it all now.

  2. I do this sort of system with my closet. I'll turn all the hangers around in the "wrong" direction. After I wear an item, I re-hang it facing the right way. At the end of the year, whatever is still facing the "wrong" way goes. It's simple and keeps me thinking about what I need to buy and what I already have in my closet!

  3. Here's a link to my kitchen post on my blog. No before pictures, but they looked a lot like the pictures of your 'drop spot' above...