Monday, July 26, 2010

2 Down... 5 to go!

Wow... time flies when you are having fun... and we all know that getting rid of these dust bunnies and bags of STUFF is fun!

Please tell me I am not the only one who is getting more of a bounce in their step when they open a newly organized cabinet and feel accomplished!

I have been on my little quest for organization for 8 weeks... 2 months... just about 60 days. And we have a little more than 5 months left to go! And I am just over 1/4 of the way to my goal... I am pretty sure I can do it if I put my tail in high gear!!

Socks are finally finished! I am not kidding you that I folded over 50 pairs! I trashed over 50 assorted socks (holes, super stretched, stained, and no more mates). And I felt so good to finally get that over with!

This week I am going to tackle the master bathroom... Oh.My.Gosh is that a wreck... I am pretty embarrassed about that one and I have been transparent with almost all the messes around here... but I am determined to get to my goal of 2010 in 2010... and my bathroom might be the key... hehe...

I am really hoping we can get to 100 followers before August 1st when I do our next giveaway... so please don't forget to tell your friends about your personal goals to declutter and simplify! You *need* their support to be successful... trust me!

And seriously... thanks again for being a part of my journey... I couldn't do it without you! You make me keep going even when I think it's not worth it! :o)

For the trash:
149-198. Socks

For the sale pile:
395-400. Clothes my son outgrew.


  1. OK, I've officially decided to join you. I've been reading your blog, tossing, listing what I've tossed. I already have a pretty clutter-free house, so at this stage it's actually kind of difficult, but this is the stage that's making the difference. Also doing the same for the office (I have my own business). We dumped a ton of old catalogs/samples today and it felt great! Haven't totaled after today, but I'm sure I doubled the tally. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  2. On my to-do list for my day off is my hall closet and the kitchen "junk drawer". Scary!!

  3. Worked on my master closet this AM and it felt GOOD to be able to step on carpet instead of tripping over shoes, clothing, etc. Still some work to go, hope to have pics to post here when I'm all done! Goal is Thursday AM!!!

  4. I've been working in my master, too. I did Adam's socks, but not mine yet. I did go through the dance recital costumes, though!

  5. Follower number 95. I really need this. It helps to keep motivated! I am going to link you up on my little blog this week. I tried to do something similar called Mission Organization like that show on style network, but so far it is very slow going.

  6. I think I'm follower #97! I've been enjoying your blog. :-) I am always on a mission to declutter....and reading what you are doing inspires me! I am at 168 items so far!

  7. I was Follower #1!! You really are an inspiration, Tabitha and I'm sure you have followers that don't "follow". I personally need to rid my house of old baby furniture that's still kicking around.