Thursday, July 29, 2010

When things that should suck don't!

When I am working through an area... I tend to follow a little pattern.

1) Everything gets knocked off flat surfaces
2) Cleaner sprayed everywhere and wiped down
3) Obvious trash is thrown out, sell stuff goes into a box for the garage, and other stuff gets put away.
4) Vacuum up all the little pieces that are on the floor now because of #1.

That is until my vacuum decides to bite the dust.

And as I sat there on the floor undoing the 19th screw to figure out why the motor was making that awful noise... I realized that this is silly. Why would I want my dusty gross vacuum to barely work... especially when it is what keeps all that Arizona dust controlled. It sucks up all the dog hair from those 2 Labradors. It keeps my kiddos ground up cereal from attracting ants. I depend on that thing!

And so on days that things that should suck just don't... they end up in the sale pile!

To Sell:
401. Vacuum... (and I know I just said it was broken... but it really just makes a noise like it's gonna launch itself to outerspace... it still Hoovers.) :oP

I am underway with 2 more posts... with before and after pictures... of the entryway of my home and my master bathroom! And we are only 3 followers away from 100!! I can't wait!!

Stay tuned for progress pics.... and check out our Flickr group to see what others are doing... and don't forget to add your own pics!!


  1. If you are in the market for a new vacuum, I cannot say enough about my Dyson Animal. I LOVE IT! My sister tried mine and now she owns one. A friend tried it and told me that if I let her know when I vacuum, she'll come over and do it for me, because she loves the vacuum so much.

    Yes, it's pricey, but IMHO, it is worth every penny. I have six animals and am amazed at what it picks up. It is bag free and has filters that you clean six months. Again, I can't say enough. :)

  2. I also love the Animal!

    But hey, before you sell it, have you checked on the bottom to see if there is something like string wound up in the little rotating things? Ha got that? Mine made a loud noise once and there was a ton of string (from what, I have no idea) completely wound up and causing it to get stuck. I am making no sense...and I am sure you have already tried everything, so just ignore me! :D

  3. Mine gets all gummed up from pet hair and string...I am a quilter and have along haired dog and two long haired the main things I use it for is... pet hair and string. I need to invest in a new one as well. Keep us posted!

  4. Haha.... Yes, ladies... I did take the thing apart and removed the motor so that there wouldn't be any strings or whatnot... but it still made that God-awful noise.

  5. I have the Dyson Animal, too - it's amazing! One dog, one cat. No string. But lots of pet hair.