Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Time!

I have been reading more and more of Justin Klosky of O.C.D Experience's work, and I found this article to be a great launch point for anyone who isn't sure what should be the first to go!

I love his thought of purging everything that you haven't used in 2 years... this is where I am going to be starting my 2011 in 2011 challenge! And I have plans for a May 21st garage sale... gotta get things going, right? That will be about a week after my divorce is to be final... so I  will be sure to put out a sign saying that Ex Husbands pay double, right?? :o)

Have you made the decision to follow along with the 2011 in 2011 challenge? Let me know that you are along for the ride... I'm going to be updating the blog look and getting a new button this week!

You are awesome and I am glad you are here!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Hi Everyone!

First off, I want to thank you if you are still hanging around! I am reorganizing my life a bit with some big changes at home... but I am also doing exactly what I think I'll do every year... conquering a new YAWYK Challenge!

2011 in 2011...

Yep... I am going to try again... this time to rid even more crap from my house!

My divorce is causing me to have to go through things I never thought I'd have to look at... only because I don't want to have a box of "memories" to bombard me when I least expect it. So... watch for new organization projects and improvements!

But today... I just want you to conquer one thing... you make up drawer! Check out this great article that was shown to me by Justin Klosky of O.C.D. Experience for some great tips!!

See you soon!