Wednesday, July 14, 2010


If you've ever tried to conquer clutter before, you have undoubtedly heard of FlyLady. She talks a lot about how a lot of us with clutter suffer from C.H.A.O.S... or Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

I think that for most of us... even when the clutter starts getting manageable, there is that room or closet or sliding door or makeshift curtain that hides our CHAOS.... it's not something we have an issue with... it's out of sight, out of mind... but when a guest starts heading in that direction, sirens sound, red lights flash and you RUN to keep them away.

Please don't make me feel like I am alone here! ;o)

This was my alarm central... the one place in my house that no matter what, I just can't hide the truth.

Looking down the hall from my boys rooms.
Once upon a time... this stuff all hid in our "extra room"... not that it was beautiful. It was packed.
 And then we decided to have another baby and that room was emptied to make room for Ryan's Big Boy Room. We don't have any more rooms. No spare closets. And I hate putting stuff in the garage (HELLO!?! There are bugs out there!!) so we just piled it all in the hallway.

Because you know that makes much more sense.

It's quite obvious the obsessive cleaning nesting phase passed me by in pregnancy.

But today was the day that the hallway was tackled!! And it's allll nice and clean.

Even the puppy was happy with my progress!

And he only looks tiny and cute and fluffy... that is 94 lbs of lab...and he's still a puppy... :o)

Ok... for the YAWYK countdown:

For the Trash:
54-110. Assorted .mark make-up, lotions and other beauty products that had expired. (Dang it! This is what happens when you forget where things are and can't use them before they aren't usable anymore!)
111-120. Full bag of trash
121. Broken lid for a 20g plastic tote... that seems to have disappeared.
122. Bags for comforter sets... but the comforters aren't around either.
123. Empty diaper box.
124. A handful of pacifiers that were scattered in there.

To Sell:
213-272. Assorted baby clothes (will likely be donated)...
273. Scanner
274-282. Assorted books that are duplicates of ones we already have.
283. Plastic hanging file tote
284-300. Assorted baby toys.

Picking up speed now!

OH... I don't know if you've seen, but up at the top there is a link for you to post pics of your areas that you are tackling! I'd love to see your progress if you don't have a blog to post!

Tackle your CHAOS... and do it in time for the weekend so you can actually have people over!


  1. You are doing a super job. I enjoy seeing your progress and Will show mine when I start. Keep it up.

  2. Good job, Tabitha!! Don't feel alone...I have a "Monica" closet in my room. In an earlier comment I mentioned that we don't have closets and that is mostly true but we DO have a closet in our room. It's dark, only has shelves (ok, there is rod in there but it's too short and just slants onto the shelves...did I mention we rent) and it makes a perfect place to throw crap when people are coming over. The really sad thing is that the shelves with our clothes are actually very organized and pretty....the top shelf and the floor are another story. I'll post before and after pics when I decide to tackle it. (Sorry for the loooong comment)

  3. Your almost 1/4 of the way there!!! Awesome job!!!! I'd never heard of CHAOS... so sad and so true - you are DEFINITELY not alone!

  4. Hi Tabitha! I love reading your blog --- you are SUCH a hoot. Thanks for re-inspiring me!

  5. We added another baby and I just put his stuff on top of all the other crap! Sad but true. I tried the fly lady stuff and many, many others. And no amount of scheduling and list making will help me get rid of all the stuff. You are doing great keep it up!

  6. Great job... O.T. is your puppy a mastador or just plain lab?

  7. Wow you got a lot done! I'm inspired to try and clean out some of our stuff.

  8. Tabitha, I love your honesty. I suppose I will have to post pics of my stuff on my blog. Oh, well, at least we will have before and after pics!

  9. Cassandra... he's just a plain ol' lab... but he comes from big lines. :o)

    Ladies! I can't wait to see your clutter free areas! Feel free to email me pics as well if you'd like me to post them!