Friday, July 9, 2010

Keeping the Peace

I was so excited yesterday to get some feedback from you all on the Landing Zone! I promise to keep more pictures and ideas coming... lots of fun things in the works!

This one comment is being featured today!

"Oh sweet relief!!! That must feel soooo goood! I have a very similar spot - it's our kitchen island (well peninsula really). Problem is... it's my husbands stuff. After you clean it - how do you keep it that way??? I'd like to cover the counter in plastic wrap so nobody uses it!!!"

What a great question! I will tell you all this right now: I am a beginner Just.Like.You! I don't have any magic up my sleeve... and God no... I don't have a very well trained husband (or children for that matter)!

But... I am liking loving my kitchen looking like this:
And I am refusing to let anyone wreck it anytime soon.

Case in point... last night my husband fed the dogs. Then placed the feed cups on the counter. A mere 12 inches from there resting spot... which would be inside a cupboard. Out of sight. Off my clean counters. 

And when we went to bed, I said, "Don't forget to put the dogs cups in the cabinet." 

His response: "Why?"

It's not that he was being vindictive... with secret plans to sabbotage my organization and quest for a clean and clutterfree house. It's that he thought maybe the cats were knocking them over... or maybe something bad happened (other than me getting irritated). He is a beginner, too!

For a long time, we played this game with ourselves called "Who really cares where I leave it". The rules are that there aren't any rules. You just leave things where you want. If they get lost, broken or worse as a result of your placement.... you simply replace it! No harm. No foul. 

But now, we are changing the rules. This have a place. And for me... it's either "AWAY" or "The YAWYK Challenge!".  

The best advice I can give you is to keep on keeping on. Don't give up when your hubs, your kiddos, or even YOU (it will happen) try to get in your way! Stress the importance of having a clean and organized home. It is a breeding ground for stress-free happiness! Don't you want that???

I thought so. 

Let us know what you are doing to help set the new standard at your house! 


  1. holy crap tabi! your kitchen is immaculate!!!! i love it! great work!!!! i'm proud of you!

  2. Huh, I think it was a little more than 12 inches.

  3. I just want your kitchen, cluttered or not. :)

    I tell my husband I know he is part cat. Why you ask? Well, if I 'declutter' a spot on the floor, before I can blink there is suddenly a cat lying there looking at me like "What do you mean? You DIDN'T just clear this off for me?" My husband does the same thing. I clear off a mantle or shelf or whatever, pretty much the same day, he will be putting something there. I grumble & grouse about it and he usually just smiles at the comparison I make. He likes cats. *grumble grumble grumble*

  4. I am horrible about putting things away... if it is a flat surface I will cover it and cover it until it looks like this- It can be good for a day or two but then right back to messy. I will be checking back here for inspiration often! Thanks and good luck!

  5. You inspired me to start a de-clutter my life Saturday on my blog. Thank you for your willingness to share your life and your effort to keep a simple, beautiful home.

  6. I am new to your blog and I just love this idea!! I am going to instill in my home. My house is ALWAYS cluttered and now I have inspiration/motivation to get it lookin gbetter. Thanks!

  7. oh yeah, adding to my comment...I mentioned you on my blog b/c I think this is such a great that I want my followers to see it too. I don't want anythign in return, just sharing your idea b/c I jumping on the wagon starting today!! Thanks for the motivation. :)

  8. Thanks for the encouragement. It is a constant battle for me. I do just need to keep trying one day at a time. I keep trying to figure out systems, etc. I guess as long as I am moving forward I should be happy.

  9. Oh, the "Who really cares where I leave it" game...we've been playing that game ever since we moved into this house. First I was pregnant and that was my excuse, but now I have no excuse and we're still doing it. I need to teach all of us (myself included) to put stuff AWAY! It would help if there were places to put things. I think I need lables.

  10. Oh man, after I cleaned the kitchen for 3 hours last weekend, I asked my husband to clean up his messes in there today. His response? "But the counter is there FOR stuff!"

    Clearly, we have ways to go!

  11. Dropping stuff inches from where it belongs is linked to the Y chromosone. I'm sure of it! LOL