Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kids Rooms!

Let me just say before I get started that I am so excited to have you all with me on this little journey to Simplicity! I am loving reading your comments, visiting your blogs and seeing the changes you are all making! You are all awesome! Please stick around... you make me feel special. :o)

But back to those kiddos.... I don't know what it is about kids rooms that makes them like virtual flypaper... everything comes by gets stuck and hangs around for a while.

In my defense... the baby doesn't play with all those toys... they stay in my older son's room. But one day, the baby was crying in his crib and my son told me he would make him stop and I let him try... and it meant that two buckets of toys ended up in the crib and then on the floor of the nursery.

Maybe I was better off telling you all that the baby plays with those toys.

Anyway... we were expecting company this weekend. And it was my understanding at the time that they were staying at out house. We don't have a guest room, but we do have an air mattress which meant that Ryan's room needed an overhaul so they could sleep in there. And I also needed to move the toddler bed back to the Corbin's nursery so that Ryan had somewhere to sleep.

And I also know that the toddler bed was moved out to the "sell pile"... but we had a few set backs once it went out.

Well... my plan of attack was the Big Pile method... I pushed everything in the room into one big pile in the middle. I didn't decide what was trash or whatever... just pushed!

Then the easiest way to master the pile was to just plow through. I used the buckets and boxes to sort quickly: clothes, toys, trash and sell. I was done with both boys rooms(including vacuuming) in 30 minutes!

Not a lot made it to the sell pile this time...

212. Rocking Horse. The batteries are dead and nobody plays with it anyway.

43-52. One full bag!

But look how much of a difference it makes when things are in their places!
Oh! And if you have little ones, don't forget to display their books so that they can see the part that they most recognize... the cover! Whenever I put books on the shelf with just the spines showing, they always end up thrown on the floor when Ryan is looking for his favorite one.

But look how happy he looks now!

Tell me about your creative kids room storage and organization solutions!


  1. You did so good on their rooms!!!

  2. i love those round shelf thingys you have on the wall! where did u get them?

  3. I love the baskets on the wall! Are they from IKEA? I think I have them but don't use them because they're sort of useless... but on the WALL... cute display! Did you just nail them up there?

  4. Hey girls! The baskets are actually designed to be Hung on the wall! They are from Ikea. Check them out!

  5. Found your blog on I am Momma, Hear Me Roar....I am (this close) to jumping on the challenge, but I'm a little nervous about it. Hmmm....still thinking, but definitely inspired by what you're doing. Great job, keep it up!!!

    P.s. I'm following you now!

  6. I just came over from another blog and wanted to tell you this is a wonderful idea! I think I could come up with 2010 items of TRASH in my house as my husband (and sometimes me) hold on to things way too long. BUT I also have a box for Good Will and some for a garage sale. I don't know if I could do 2010, as we're keeping my daughter's things for baby #2 whenever that comes in the far future. I do have a lot though that I could give, sell or trash. I'll be sharing this idea with my friend, who is in the middle of purging! THANKS!

  7. I'm a new follower and I love the concept of this blog. I just got one of Peter Walsh's books and am seriously trying to get rid of things at our house, too. I want to have a garage sale, but I have no where to put my garage sale items in the meantime. Any advice on that?

  8. I would like to join the challenge but I'm also keeping baby stuff for possible baby number 2. Hmmmm...I'll think about it a little longer though. Great idea, by the way! VERY inspiring!! :)

  9. I love your blog, I have been needing to get working on our place, so I am going to take your challeng!!

  10. You are so brave to post your before pictures! Awesome progress in the boys rooms :)