About Me!

Ok... hmm... about me...

I am not really sure what to put here. There is the obvious... my name is Tabitha. I am from Arizona and I have two gorgeous little boys that are growing up to be heart breakers, although I am trying to teach them to at least do it gently.

I have a weakness for Coke, chocolate, and sour cherry balls... and I love a fresh carton of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food or Chunky Monkey. But, after losing over 30 lbs in a Biggest Loser style challenge, I indulge in all of those a little less than I would like.

.. except for the chocolate.

I love to be creative, but I hate doing things I am not good at. Scrapbooking is a labor of love. I'd rather sit behind a sewing machine. But I am learning to love the 5 minute craft as toddler hands are a bit faster than mine.

I work hard, play harder, and love even more than you would think. But I am a Cancer... and just like a crab, I am hard on the outside and soft & gooey on the inside... you just got to get past my shell to really like me.

And please like me!

I am a Christian, and I am trying harder every day to be a better one.

I wear jeans probably 350 days a year. I attended Arizona State University and have a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus on Small Business. I am going back to school though... just to change it up!

But... the reason you are here....

I have a goal... to simplify my life as much as possible... and part of that is to get rid of things that are no longer things we need or want. Things that just sit and collect dust. And it seems that we have a junk breeding ground here... I mean more just seems to come out of the woodwork!

Follow my progress as I remove 2011 items from our lives to either donate, sell, or trash before 2011 is over!