Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back... you??

Hi Everyone-

I am back! I am so sorry for the hiatus... The end of the year rushed up on me... and with it brought a plethora of family issues. I won't fill this blog up with them (see my personal blog for that story) but I will say that it kept me from reaching my goals with the 2010 in 2010. Although my home has been cleared of a lot of bunch of clutter and surplus, my garage is overflowing with toys, clothes and furniture.

I need to get rid of the rest of this stuff... but I am also now in a predicament: I am not able to sell, trash, or otherwise dispose of any items in my home. And in the middle of this, I will be moving to a new home.

I will be using the blog to continue to provide creative ideas to clearing the clutter, organizing the chaos, and creating a simpler way of life.

If you are still around... thank you for your understanding! I really appreciate you!