Thursday, July 14, 2011

Body Clutter

So, normally I leave my personal issues off this blog... but I read this article this morning and I thought that it was too great not to share!

This week, I stepped on the scale in the bathroom... I did it at night, which I normally avoid as mornings are more forgiving, and I stripped down to minimize the damage from my heavy denim I wear most days... and oh. my. gosh... I am now at my heaviest I've been while not pregnant. I need to seriously get rid of some body clutter as FlyLady calls it.

Anyway, I was reading this article today that I found on Justin Klosky's O.C.D. Experience facebook page that talks about how having an organized kitchen can help us to shed that extra weight! I dont' know about you, but this is totally up my alley as something I can do today and hopefully reap the benefits!

Your Challenge... pick one or two of the suggestions and let me know how it's changed the way you are organized in the kitchen as well as how you are eating!

Thanks for being here! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And somehow... I am here.

Wow... I am so sorry... I happen to just fall off the face of the planet reguarly.

Like I mentioned before, I had a bit of a family crisis that required much more of my attention than I had... which left me with absolutely nothing for the blog world. Forgive me! But much of that has settled down... life is making much more sense... and I am back on my way to getting rid of 2011 in 2011!

This past weekend, I FINALLY had that garage sale that I have been promising to have... and lets just say that I got rid of TONS of items... official count will be later... but I am now almost completely purged indoors and I can park my car in my garage with room to spare! At the end of the garage sale (which was 2 hours early than I had planned... it was HOT!), my dad and my boyfriend packed up the truck and trailer and took one load to the dump and another to Goodwill. I was not about to pack it all back into my house.

I will say it finally felt good to get rid of those boxes that have been looming over my head. There were some boxes in the garage that had been packed when I lived on my own (2005?) and had been stored since... and the entire box in most cases was simply trashed, thanks to the vermin that had found my journals and old photographs to make wonderful nests... lesson learned!

There were other boxes in there that were too painful to go through right now. But instead of just pushing them to a high up shelf, I had my sister do the dirty work... get in, decide what could be salvaged, and get rid of things that were obviously not necessry. We emptied frames (some for keeps and some for the sale), we reorganized totes, and we put everything back. And at the end of the day... I smiled. I had gotten rid of 90% of my frustrations in a single day... and was a few hundred richer!

If you are still here... thank you for sticking around! And if you are new, welcome! I can't wait to visit your blogs to see your progress!