Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Socks & Undies!

Ok... here is a little mini challenge for you! You can TOTALLY do this by the end of the week!

Besides... I double dog dare you!

Now you have to do it!

Attack that Sock & Undies drawer.

Ok, so I'll be completely honest. I was going to post a picture here and tell you about my S&U drawer... but frankly... nobody needs to see that. I have a strange mix of everything in that drawer... covering me from a size 6 (Wooohooo!) to a 42w preggo... and everything in between.

And even more embarrassing, I am 90% sure that over half that stuff was purchased before I was married... or likely even dating my husband... which was 10 years ago. :sigh:

So, I took my drawers of... er... um... drawers and dumped them on the bed.

Ok. Another no brainer bit of honesty.... there is not "donate" or "sell" coming out of your undie drawer... I know you know this... but just in case.

Anything that has shot elastic, holes, or is not comfortable... it's out! If you haven't worn it in the past year (or up to 2 years for anything "special occasion") it's gone, too.

If your socks are stretched beyond a nice snug fit, or if the left and right don't *really* match... give them up, too.

What you are left with should be what you truly wear, in great shape... and if there are some obvious needs now, you know exactly what you need to buy to fill in those gaps!

I am still knee deep in socks... so I'll post later what my final numbers were for the YAWYK tally!

Any suggestions from you for keeping your socks and undies organized??


  1. Haha! The first thing I cleaned out was my underwear drawer! :-)

  2. Depending on the depth of the drawer, I use shoe boxes.

  3. I haven't unpacked these boxes yet since I knew I'd have to do this when I unpacked it. So I've just been doing a lot of laundry and not wearing socks. lol But, now I guess this is a reason to finally unpack that box.

  4. I've actually recently (within the last year) gone through my socks and unders...but I'm sure I can weed a few more things out. Unfortunately, I have no tips, especially because our unmentionables are all kept in tidy piles in 3 different places (We live in England, the land without closets so we have a wardrobe instead of a dresser.)

  5. I will do it this weekend and let you know the results! I'm up to 160 items already since sunday!

  6. i totally applaud your YAWYK 2010 in 2010 goal!

    i really need to clean my undie/sock drawer too! my organizers are getting a little over-stuffed. here's what i use to organize my undie/sock drawer: IKEA KOMPLEMENT set of 6 storage boxes the price is decent and they fold flat when you don't need them.

  7. Wow, that is place i really don't want to go! scary...

  8. This is the best time of year to replace socks and undies. Back to School sales usually mean great deals!