Thursday, July 8, 2010

Landing Zone

Every home needs a place that you can walk in, drop off your keys and phone and then settle in. For us, that is right inside the kitchen...

... I don't have a true before picture... but trust me... this was 3/4 of the way done... 

 Yes... that whole box of stuff down on the floor and inside that trash bag was ON the counter. I guess it became a landing zone for much more than just what was in our pockets. Oops!

I tackled this spot using the Secret Weapon I told you about... and here is where I ended up!

Much easier for us to access our chargers. Our keys go right in the front of that charging station (there is a little bowl area) and change goes into the "ToSeeMickey" Jar. :o)

And booooy did we add to the YAWYK count!

To Sell:
183. Canon camera. Flash doesn't work, but other than that, it's perfect!
184. Ipod nano
185. Angel figurine
186-195. Box full of Italian Charm Bracelet charms! (There are over 50 charms in here... but I am only counting it as 10 items)
196. Dell Axim handheld (don't need it anymore since I have my new Droid)
197. Old Cell phone
198. Ceramic airplane
199-201. Assorted balls
202-205. Assorted phone chargers.
206. Bag full of coin wrappers
207-209. Mason jars
210-211. Bluetooth headsets

To Trash:
33-42: One Full Bag of Trash!

Don't forget to shred all those bills/medical statements/too revealing documents!


  1. Wow, Tabitha, what a change! And I really admire your courage in posting an almost-before picture!

    Loving this challenge, and several people at the yahoo quilt group Stashbuster are joining in.

    Cathy B

  2. We have had a similar problem (who am I kidding, my whole house probably looks like your counter...) Anyway, I solved the issue with my husband doing this by giving him his own drawer. I had to up-size once but, for the most part, it seemed to solve the particular "come home and dump" issue. It also makes it easier if he can't find something--he just dumps the drawer and usually finds what he's looking for (and while doing so, he usually does a 'sort & toss').

  3. I have a few hot spots like that in my house, they literally give me anxiety just to look at them. The problem is, I can clear the spot and before I know it, it's back?!?!

  4. What an improvement! Our "hot spot" is the coffee table in the living gets overrun with mail, purses, keys, and glasses! It's in a constant state of "trouble!"

  5. Oh sweet relief!!! That must feel soooo goood! I have a very similar spot - it's our kitchen island (well peninsula really). Problem is... it's my husbands stuff. After you clean it - how do you keep it that way??? I'd like to cover the counter in plastic wrap so nobody uses it!!!