Friday, July 23, 2010

Brick Walls

No... I don't have any gorgeous brick walls in my house... I am talking about brick in the kinds that I keep running into with my little endeavor.

Take my desk...

Boy did that place need some help. I grabbed my normal tools: a trash bag and a big box. And then I got started.

But I think I need some help.

You see... after 2 hours of working on this desk... everything went from my desk to the trash or the box.... or my dining room table because I felt like I still needed it. And then back onto the desk for a 2nd sort... and then back to the counter... and then back to the desk.

So yeah... in 2 hours... I was here...

Still not done. I don't have any filing cabinets which I think would help with the paper items... but I am trying to figure out if I really need those things... both the cabinets and the papers. It's also getting harder to part with things... at least here... because I feel like I need this stuff... :sigh:

For the Trash:
139-148. Another bag of trash... :sigh: Where does this stuff come from?!?

For the Sale Pile:
382. Wire file thingie
383-385. Three pink table cloths
386-387. Two bags of party favor bags.
388. Tower of post-it notes
389. Calculator
390. Decorative notebook (unused)
391. Cute little tin
392. Pack of kitchen cleaning rags... they weren't that great to me... so they are gone.
393-394. Two picture frames (plastic... not my style.)

To take to the new office (YEP... I am a working Mom now!) I happened to uncover a few gems that are made for cubicle living... so those are leaving the house... and headed to a new home. I am counting them... as they were clutter in my home... but will be useful outside of it! :o)

To "A Better Place":
1. Wire file thingie (yep... I had 2 of these on the desk before.)
2. Cubicle hanging basket thing... has those sharp tacks on the back for hanging on a cubicle wall.
3. Pack of cubicle paper hanger things. (Why don't these wonderful little clips not have a cool name??)

So... here is where I need your help... what do you use to conquer your papers and desk area??


  1. Either a file cabinet or scan them into your computer and they are there if you ever need them..just print them out. 1/2 of the "I should probably keep that" pile is never used, so I just scan and toss.

  2. I keep running out of boxes. That's my brick wall.

    I think you're doing pretty well!

  3. I use 2 clipboards- one for my papers that need immediate or in the near future attention and the other for kid related paperwork that I may need to see often or reminder papers for school. Papers to be filed go in an accordion style file folder and are only kept for a certain amt of time depending on what the item is. I want to hang my clipboards on hooks near my phone. Also, I keep the clipboards near my spiral bound calendar. Keeps me organized and paper clutter to a minimum.

  4. We use a filing cabinet for existing papers that we need to keep for our records (birth certificates, tax returns etc). A lot of banks and other companies will now send you documents as e-documents so I do that for as many as I can - saves the decision about whether to keep or not! I love the scanning going to do that too!

  5. If you need to get rid of those Cricut cartridges,, I'll take them off your hands. LOL :)

  6. You made some serious progress! Organization is something of an anomolie to me. I want to do it, I try to do it, I attempt to do it... and then my desk looks like a tornado went through it one week later! hahah

  7. Don't be so hard on yourself. Look at how much better that desk is now!!! I don't have any great tips for you because I struggle with paperwork too. If you step back and take inventory of what's there - and think about what it is and where it should go I bet you'll come up with a solution in a couple of days. Sometimes we just need to step back. GREAT JOB!!!!

  8. You're doing great, Tabitha! Paperwork is the WORST, isn't it? My personal brick wall is our dining table (the landing zone). I just can't get it cleared off because I don't have anywhere else to put some of the stuff there (paperwork mainly). Ugh!!