Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Join Me!

The You Are What You Keep Challenge started for me 20 days ago, and I am averaging 10 items per day. If I keep at this pace, I will be able to make it to my goal!

This weekend is my first garage sale... and I can't wait!

But you know, I want to know who else has decided to take part in the challenge! Please post about this challenge on your blog, and then link back here using the inlinkz button below! This way, I can meet you and we can all motivate each other!

Can't wait to meet you! :o)


  1. Thanks for the inspiration - I'm going to be following you and thriving on your accomplishments. Good luck meeting your goal!!!!

  2. Hi! I am motivated to do this Challenge with you, as I am so lost in a sea of confusion with my house! With 3 LIttle Boys underfoot and a hubby who doesn't do much to help out, I am at my wit's end. What does that mean? I am SO ready to pitch and rid my house of unnecessary clutter!!!

    But, I don't have a blog! I wanted to share pics with you of before and after, but I guess I can always just comment on your posts as you go through your house. Do you keep some sort of loose schedule of what you'll be working on? This way I can work on the same places as you in my own house. I just need a starting point! Eeeekkkkk!!!

    Thanks for this cool CHallenge and I look forward to following along on this journey!!!
    Barbara in Sunny So Cal

  3. Barbara~you can set up a free blog through It's super easy.

  4. I can't tell you how excited I am to join in on this challenge! I'm embarrassed to have friends over things have gotten so bad. It will be easy at first, most of it is just stuff I "haven't gotten around to yet". Did pretty good on Day 1 - 115 items!

  5. I'll take the challenge to clutter bust, but counting isn't my style. Free space is my means of measure! It works for me.