Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garage Sale #1 is Scheduled!

I have a feeling there will be several garage sales around here before the end of the year... but I need to get started now and then just keep the momentum going.

Our garage sale is scheduled for July 2-3. My parents may actually be out of town at the time, so the Friday part is up in the air... but it will definetly be the Saturday. My hubs will watch the boys and I will be outside getting rid of my former clutter!

Don't worry... I will let you know the address of the sale before the big day so you can swing on by to pick up anything that you might be needing! Although, if my button is now on your blog, you better think twice!! :oP

I have a few hours left before bedtime hits this house.. so I gotta go clean up and get the little guy to bed (my older son stayed at his Mimi and Opa's tonight) and then I'll update with the clothing numbers!!

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