Friday, June 11, 2010


Today I cleaned out my laundry room a bit, and did some general pick up.

This stuff all headed outside for the garage sale:
1. Silk Plant
2-3. Free black diaper bags I got from the hospital
4-5. Light fixtures from the boys rooms
6-7. Boxes of Finish Dishwasher soap... it etches my dishes.
8. Broken Hamper
9. Floppy Seat grocery cart cover, used 3 times.
10. Spiral photobook/frame thing
11-12. Silk plants
13. Blue blanket that sheds too much- brand new... still in the packaging/bag.
14-20. Assorted candles
21. Brand new box of wet swiffer sheets... I don't have a swiffer anymore.
22-23. Brand new curtain panels. Never got around to using them. Bought 3 years ago.
24. Shower curtain
25. Shower curtain liner
26. Box of the curtain rings... pretty nice ones! Might see if my sister wants them.

And this headed to the trash:
1-2. Flat Rate shipping boxes
3. A box of expired granola bars (tasted awful!)
4. Damaged fabric
5. Old MaryKay briefcase
6. Box from a wreath
7. Empty laundry detergent container
8. 1/2 Empty laundry detergent that didn't work.
9. A diaper box full of odd/ends... all garbage.
10. Empty bottle of Spray n' Wash
11. Old 1/2 eaten frisbee that was obviously hidden from the dog
12. Box of dried swiffer sheets.

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