Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Started... a few ground rules...

So I am jumping right in... which is good because I am already 1/2 way done with the year... and I have done NOTHING YET!

Not a big deal... I will get it done... and I am glad you are here to follow along with the progress!

Here are the ground rules:

1. I won't count individual pieces of garbage (gum wrappers, bottle caps, etc) but I will count stacks of junk mail, anything that requires an empty hand to grab (bottles, newspapers, cans, etc).

2. Anything put into the "Sale" category might be moved into the "garage sale" pile in the garage. While I hate piles... I am determined to have at least 1 garage sale every 3 months. My HOA only allows 2 a year at my home... so I will be taking advantage of the Savvy Sale (consignment sale for children's items) in September and hopefully will add another sale at a family members home.

3. This is going "Clean Sweep" style. So if it doesn't sale at the yard sale, it goes off to charity. No ands/ifs/buts!

4. The items that stay must be in clean usable shape. I won't keep things that require major work to fix. This is not the time for new projects.

5. If any item is moved to Sell and a sale doesn't happen within 60 days, they are moved to donate. If they aren't picked up within 14 days, they get trashed.

Ok... let's get started!

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  1. Fun! I just came across your blog and we're on the same wavelength. I'm in the midst of major decluttering right now. Spending the summer going thru a garage FULL of boxes from our move 2 years ago. There's light at the end of the tunnel!

    Now I'm off to read the rest of your blogs.