Sunday, June 20, 2010


Tubs of clothes have been sitting in closets and in my laundry room... filled with clothing that has been outgrown. And this is not going to be a problem that ends anytime soon as these boys are doing nothing but growing!

Here is what we got...

65-126. Onesies. This is a mix of short sleeved, long sleeved, and rompers! And yes... there were 62 of those!
127-139. Pajamas
140-146. Sleepers/sleepsacks/swaddlers. These are all practically new as neither of my kids liked to be swaddled in them.
146-162. Pants... sweat pants, lounge pants, and tiny jeans and corduroys!
162-165. Shorts
165-173. Outfits on hangers... these are all mostly multiple-pieced outfits that were pulled together months ago for the savvy sale.
174-182. Bibs/clothes... all clean... but not being used here!

And we broke 200 total items! Woot!

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  1. Hey Tabitha-it was so fun to meet you at Tour De Thrift! Love your blog idea here ;)
    I used to watch Clean Sweep years ago on TLC- loved it.
    So I have boxes of stuff in the garage I'm taking to Goodwill and who knows how much stuff I have thrown away- dang I should have kept track- I bet it is a lot! Stop by and say hi:) Take care- Sharla