Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does this count?

I have been getting a lot of questions from friends and family members asking me "Does this count as an item?" or "Would you count this as 1 or as 2?" or even "What if I put it in the garage sale, then decided I want it back, then decide to trash it? Is that 1 or 2?"

People make me giggle sometimes.

But ultimately, here's my answer: You make the rules!

I am not the Organizational Wizard that dictates what you are doing is right or wrong or silly or wonderful. But I can tell you that any steps you are taking towards being more organized is a great thing that will create a calmness in your life that you may not have been able to appreciate before.

So... stepping off my soapbox and into my kitchen... I had to tackle my fridge yesterday. I brought home 4 (!!) gallons of milk and had nowhere to put it. Add that to the fact that I was bringing home a CSA basket of produce this morning, and I knew I was in trouble.

Now, I don't think a lot of things *should* count... but I think that anything that has been hanging around for much longer than it's intended stay that is now gone counts! So... I threw away an empty milk jug (doesn't count) and 1 practically full carton of  (way) expired orange juice (counts!).

Here we go!

21. Old mustard with busted top (it had been replaced... but not thrown out).
22. Pepto Bismol... expiration 9/2009
23-26. Four bottles of assorted salad dressings, all expiring in early 2009.
27-29. 3 cartons of eggs... "Best by 2/2010"
30. Orange Juice ("diet" and gross... expired 3/2010)
31. Ruby Red Grapefruit juice... expired 12/2009
32. Mint simple syrup... who knows how long that was in there.

Not a lot... but something nonetheless!

Now I am headed to do a project that was suggested by Justin Klosky over at O.C.D Experience! He gave a suggestion on how to tackle your worst clutter... and my room is staring me right in the eyes! :gulp:


  1. I just cleaned out my underwear drawer and threw out about 10 pairs that were too big. :) I think those should count!

  2. Ok,, while unpacking, I threw away at least 100 items that I was hanging onto (expired medicine, old shampoo, etc, trial size products, blah blah) It was like 3 weeks ago. Just can I start with 100?! lol

  3. Crystal... if you want to, do it! It's your own personal contest... there isn't a winner... there isn't cheating... well, if you cheat, I guess the only person who is at a loss is you. You make your own rules.... so if you want to count those things then okay. :o)