Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cleaning out my dresser

It was laundry day here.. um... 3 days ago? My dining room table was covered with clean, folded clothes ready to go into their homes... but unfortunately, my dresser was packed to the gills. And to be completely honest, I have no idea with what... I hadn't opened a drawer in months!

So... that was my mini project today... and it was a quick one as we are super busy today!! But when I counted everything up... I was giggling as the numbers worked out like this. And I can't lie... I HAD to find a (2) of something to make the list complete!

To Sell:
28-55. Clothes from dresser:
- (7) flannel pajama bottoms... a "necessity" in Arizona for sure... ::insert sarcasm::
- (6) tank tops... old, stretched, stained
- (5) tee's... also old, mostly marketing...
- (4) long sleeve shirts that no longer were as beautiful as the day I bought them.
- (3) pairs of jeans that I am too skinny for now! YES!
- (2) pairs of hospital socks... still in packages
- (1) trapeze dress from Old Navy. Purchased in 2007. Still has the tags on it.

And although I still have a ton of clothes to go through... I am just going to tell you that if you are planning on doing this to your hubs clothes... getting rid of HIS prized tees or just-right shorts can be detrimental to your marriage... just sayin.


  1. Great job Tabi. I don't understand the 28-55 pieces of clothing from dresser. Are you guessing, or is there something I'm missing? Anyways, congratulations on your steps to make your life a little simpler. Love you and I'm proud of you.

  2. They are numbers... I am numbering each item as I go... so since there were 28 items, that's #'s 28-55. :o)

  3. Confession: I have a beautiful dresser absolutely stuffed to the gills. I use 2 drawers regularly; the pj drawer and t-shirt drawer. I have a vague idea of what's in all those other drawers. Guess I'll be gathering items for the VA for the next pick up! Thanks for always inspiring me!

  4. Oh there are some things my hubby would kill me if I got rid of...but he's gone so he prob won't notice if I get rid of some of the stuff. Esp his old workout clothes that are really ratty...