Monday, August 30, 2010

Long Time...

Wow... I am so sorry that I have seen MIA to all of you! I am working full time now and am trying to find a way for life and blogging to co-exist. But I promise... I am still here! I am working on a few guest posts this month and the details on the next giveaway!

What I'd love to do is post a list of my PIP areas... which is Purge in Process... but if you have a more cleaver name... I am open ears! Also... let us know what areas you are working on... and let's put little stars by the ones that must be done by Sept 30th, 2010! Only 4 months until our final goal of December 31, 2010! :gasp:

OK... my PIPs!

-Pantry. I am a coupon-er... so this area is a little bit crazy.***
-Pure Romance stuff... yeah... I do those parties and my inventory is in boxes at my once clean desk... :o( ***
-Master bathroom. Halfway done... ***
-Master bedroom. I have a funny feeling that this room is my nemesis... my arch rival. If it ever gets done, I'll probably just consider my challenge finished. ;o)
-Linen Closet***

Also, let me know about some of your problem areas! I'll see what I can do to help you out!!


  1. My nemesis is my office. I have a box of filing to be done that has papers over a year old.

    My other really big challenge is cleaning and waxing the kitchen floor. It's a job I really dislike and I seem to be able to put it off into infinity.

  2. PIP is a great term...I think you should stick with it!

    Anyway, my current problem area is my whole house. It's not full of clutter but I have a lot of things that I don't know what to do with at the moment. It will be easier when we're actually IN our new flat so I know which storage solutions will work best for the space.

    Best of luck with balancing work, parenting, de-cluttering and blogging. I imagine it must be quite hard.

  3. I've found that a rolling garment rack (like this: ) is really helpful when it comes time to sort through overstuffed closets. I think it's a lot more managable to keep clothes hanging so you can sort them vertically rather than trying to spread them out across a bed or the floor, to sort horizontally.

    I bought a commercial rack for $50 from a reseller that stocks retail supplies, near the PHX airport. It's significantly sturdier than anything available from the Container Store and yet disassembles to be stored in my garage when it's not in active use.

  4. I've been keeping at it and have finished my garage! In a couple days I'll start on my dreadful shed. It will literally take me weeks to get it done - in fact, I'll have to stop at a point until hubby and my dad can build some shelves (it's going to be a 3 person job).

  5. My nemesis will always be paper.
    I used to have great filing cabinets, but once something went in it was never looked at again. Why keep it if you never access it? But not filing it means you can't find it when you want or need it, so that is not a solution.
    I guess what my real problem is goes back to having too many interests and not willing to decide/choose which to focus on and letting "stuff" pertaining to the other interests go-leave-get out!