Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clothes-ing In!

I feel like I have been working for forever on the projects around here, yet not completing anything. It's so frustrating to not be able to come here to update you all on my YAWYK challenge... but it's even worse when I have a few minutes and nothing to share!

A couple weeks ago, my husband quit his job. Don't worry! It's a good thing! He is now working from home, which creates it's own set of challenges... but there is a HUGE benefit: He is home and able to enjoy the boys the same way that I have been blessed to. He is helping to make sure the boys are up, ready and to daycare each morning, and that they get home safely in the afternoon.

In my efforts to make things easier around here, I purchased a couple of these:
Ok... well, maybe not those EXACTLY... mine are black and gray... but they are pretty much those. They were on clearance at Target. I got one for each boy.

Then I cleared out my hall closet.

When cleaning out your hall closets... remember these tips!

1. The more accessible the closet (or other storage) the more accessible the items inside! Your inside hall closets aren't for holiday items or long term storage items (wedding dresses, "memory boxes", etc).

2. Hall closets are like bottomless pits. If you want to store items there, store them so that it's easy to see what is actually there. Clear totes, hanging storage, and bins are great for this when properly used.

3. Think creatively. Just hanging stuff in a closet will only utilize the hanging space... and if you are like me, the little toddler jackets seem like such a waste of space, leaving sooo much room underneath! Put a set of drawers in places that are underutilized by little clothes!

4. Think vertically. Add shelves if you need them!

Alright... so like I was saying... I cleared out a front hall closet.

To sell:
401-410: a variety of stocking holders... Yeah... seasonal... and not used.
411: tube of 100 green ornaments.
412-425: assorted cables, knicknacks, and other hallway clutter that tried to find a home here.

To a better place:
269-300: hangers. Assortment of cheap wood (Dollar bins anyone??), wire and retail plastic. Likely would be appreciated by GoodWill more than by me.

To trash:
209-218: Another bag o' crap.

Then I hung those two organizers in the hall closet. We decided that was a good place because a) We live in AZ, where jackets are rarely needed or hung in a hall closet, b) I do laundry late at night and almost never get it into the boys rooms because they are sleeping, and c) we get the kids ready in the living room in the morning.

I gave each boy 1 set of hanging cubbies, and put their outfits in them.. one per day... Monday through Friday. I then put two collapsible bins in the bottom cubbies (there were 6 in each hanger) and put socks and underroos in there!

It has worked out perfectly! I can organize the kids outfits over the weekend, and then he can get them ready while I am running around like crazy putting on my make-up for work.

I am all for anything that makes life a little bit easier right now!

Sorry there aren't any outfits... it's Sunday and laundry day... ;o)

What do you do to keep the kids organized in the morning?


  1. I like the idea of planning out the kids' outfits a week in advance and having them in a place where they can access them easily. Great idea!


  2. What a great idea to preplan the outfits.

    I've been going at it hard on my decluttering. I finished my garage (now I can get to my refinishing projects!) and a couple days ago started my dreaded shed. I don't want to even think about how many trips with the truck bed full for the charity stores or dump. :-(

  3. I think quitting the job counts as a "to a better place" item :).

  4. Love the idea! I just did my master bedroom closet and our coat closet in the entry this weekend, and we got rid of a TON of stuff.

    I also realized I'm getting frustrated with my 3 year old's clothes. She has SO MANY items of clothing, and rotates the same 10 or so favorite outfits. It's dress, jeans and shirt, dress, dress, dress for her most weeks. So we are now laying out outfits on Sunday night for the whole week and making her mix her stand-by outfits with others, including her letting me pick 1 of the 5 outfits for her. I've separated her closet so that once she wears and outfit it goes to the back, and only favorites can be rotated out 'early'. If she doesn't wear something in the next 4 or so months, it's getting thrifted or gifted!

  5. Welcome back!...and what great advice!!