Monday, August 9, 2010


Earlier when I talked about entry ways... there was a comment from you asking about shoes! I know I know... you take them off when you get home... piling them in the corner of your entry. Or maybe you have a bin or a basket. Or maybe you line them up beautifully under a bench.

But for most of us... it's usually a bit overwhelming, no?

My family has the basket. It's not by the front door... but in the living room. We have a built in entertainment center, and I bought some baskets (that I should have thought about more) that we put under the TV. Then we had kids. And those baskets got moved to the side of the built in (in another cubby) to make way for toys...
It works for us... especially with 2 small ones always looking for their shoes. And it makes for a quick tidy.

But it's not at all what I want. I hope to one day during this challenge conquer my family's shoe issues...

Here are a few tips for keeping your shoe clutter contained!

1. Do a weekly sort through. Put away all the shoes that are at your families drop off site. This way, the shoes that got dropped off at the front door 3 seasons ago get put away and don't hang out forever looking clumsy and misplaced. Don't worry about them so much during the week. :o)

2. Weed through your existing shoes. Remember that part of the YAWYK challenge is to live with the best you have! Are there shoes piled up that need to be replaced? What about the kids outgrown pairs? And do you really need 3 pairs of black flip flops??

3. Make a decision as to how many pairs can be at the front door/mud room/etc. If you say it can only be 2 baskets worth, then don't let any more pairs sit on the side of the bins! If you say 1 pair per family member, hold to your rules!

4. Remember, any storage you use in plain site needs to be functional and "on purpose"! I always think it's better to have things in a container that has a purpose rather than just schlepped in a pile. So, pass on the "along-the-wall-in-a-line" approach if you are able to use cute totes or a shoe shelf!

Here are some ideas I have come across that I love! I hope that you can find something that works for your family to keep things corralled!

Photos were from Ikea, ApartmentTherapy, Brookstone and Home Decorators!

I seriously love how the Apartment Therapy one (shelves in the hallway) appear to be magazine shelves not unlike these... made into a shoe rack! What a great way to be resourceful!

Do you have any great ideas for shoes in the entry?


  1. I love the hidden shoe furniture. I need a few of those!!! I currently use the basket, but hubby doesn't seem to get the idea. But he only wears one or two pairs of shoes throughout the week. I, on the other hand, have baskets all over the house and occassionally still can't find the shoes! I LOVE shoes. I have way too many and should probably go through them, but I wear a lot of them! And I like options..which is why I have so many in the first place! :)

  2. My entry is literally a hallway. There is ZERO room for shoes there. We usually go around the corner and kick them off in Husband's office.

    One time Himself left his wet work boots on the front porch table. When he came back to get them a couple days later, a wren had built a nest in them!

    He bought a new pair of boots...

    Oh, when purging shoes consider donating them to an organization like Soles for Souls. What we cast off is so greatly appreciated by others!

  3. We too have a basket :) It's in our entry closet. Since we live in a one bedroom apartment our entry in a 4by4 section of tile by the front door in our living room LOL! I also have two over the door canvas shoe organizers I got from Wally World. One in the entry closet and one in the master closet. The nicer and out of season shoes get put in there. The shoes we are currently wearing go in the basket but believe me a couple pairs always end up sitting on the small section of tile by the front door. Usually the hubby's :) But I LOVE those storage solutions you posted, they are beautiful. The hubbs and I hope to have a mud room someday for that kind of thing. There's just the two of us but we have LOTS of shoes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes and actually so does my husband, maybe not to the same extent. He has good taste so I'm lucky :)

  4. We have an old diaper box by the door, not the best looking thing around. It is lightweight and has handles so I can carry it around and drop shoes off easily. I don't have much room for one of those cute benches with the cubbies I love that it is a seat and storage!

  5. I just had to LOL at this post because you know how I am with shoes! lol I keep most of mine in the closet but usually have a couple pairs of flips flops in a bin by the entry. Can't wait for hubby to be home to build my shoe closet!!

  6. My shoe solution is too live somewhere one could go barefoot all the time.

  7. I have shoe holders from IKEA. They hang in the closet and 1 pair goes in each slot. I put boots along the top shelf of the closet. Dress shoes go in their original boxes (labled with type of shoe) in our bedroom closet.