Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laundry Day... and a cool tool!

My hubs and I decided to get crazy and tackle the entire house in 2 days. I will admit that there is only 1/2 the decluttering going on... but at least the house is looking much cleaner.

And I don't mind that one bit!

Part of that huge push to clean meant washing and drying and folding and putting away about a billion loads of laundry. Usually, that process falls apart after the first step... and clothes often develop a musty smell before I remember that I forgot about them in the first place... then a second wash (with a touch of vinegar to get rid of the odor) and then get to the dryer.

Where they sit. And we pull items out as we need them. Or turn it back on to "de-wrinkle".

What? You don't do that?? Liar.

Like I mentioned before, part of our problem with putting clothes away is that we just don't have anywhere to put them. Drawers being packed and all. And the boys' dresser is no exception to this. The boys share a dresser, with 4 drawers... but for some unknown reason I separated the drawers as follows: (1) Corbin's clothes, (2) Ryan's clothes, (3) Clothes that Ryan outgrew but Corbin's too small for, (4) Blankets.

Yeah... there is no room for my kids clothes in their dresser because I put linens there. Instead of in the linen closet. I am sure there is a good reason somewhere...

We got practical, weeded through those clothes. Hung up a TON of clothes... and got together our huge load for GoodWill. I think they are going to love us.

I did pull out about 12 items that I just can't part with just yet (special outfits and stuff) and put together a few boxes for ThredUp... but the rest is on it's way to GoodWill in an hour or so!

To a Better Place:
4-241. Infant/Toddler clothes! Items that were outgrown, faded, or otherwise not my "best", but still totally usable by the average consumer!

And I added to that another 27 items that were in my laundry...

To a Better Place:
242-268. Women's clothing... and a few men's items that my hubs tossed in.

This is the pile.. waiting to get loaded up to get out of here!

Now, here's the best part... those 5 bags represent about a $424 TAX SAVINGS on my 2010 tax bill!!! I used a program called ItsDeductible (available free!) to track my donation and it tells me what I can expect to be saving on my tax bill.

Who would have thought that decluttering your house leads to MORE MONEY in your Pocket!! Now, that's a benefit I can totally be on board with!

Go check it out... start logging your donations and see how much money you can find in your declutter!

OH! And don't forget to head over to the Giveaway this month! ;o)


  1. Wow! I'm impressed! it's so hard to get rid of kids clothes if you're planning on having more kids. lol

  2. My problem is also that I have no where to put the clothes when I get them out of the washer!

  3. To keep my momentium up, I dropped the idea of having yard sales (which I loathe doing anyway). I just box it and on my next trip to town it goes straight to one of my 2 favorite charities.

  4. Oh fantastic savings :)
    I too am horrible when it comes to that last load of laundry it sits and sits in the dryer. I turn it on to de-wrinkle planning on putting it away when it's done. Then hours go by and I completely forget and then on it goes again LOL! Gets really bad when I finally wash another load and go to put it in the dryer and the previous load is still in there :D

  5. Remember when you're using donations for deductions to make a detailed list and take photos if you're going to donate over $500 worth of items. $500 is the maximum non-cash donation that you can make without detailed documentation. Something like: 15 pairs womans pants, followed by a photo would suffice.

    A great idea! We have the same issues here- especially the remembering to throw things in the dryer (or take them out). Mostly though, they live in laundry baskets until I can get to them!