Saturday, August 7, 2010

Entry Way

When you first walk into my house.... there is a little box of a room. Well, maybe that's not the best descriptor... but it's a little room.... with just big entry ways into the hall and the main room. It's not really a room... but, well... you know!

This quasi room houses my curio cabinet (full of china and figurines... how domestic of me) and my piano.

And a mirror...

But yeah... even with nothing there... it's soooo cluttered.

I am really beginning to believe that all flat surfaces in my house are magnetic and collect items just for grins and giggles. Seriously. I mean... how else do I explain this...
I walk in the door... and drop everything on the piano. And I hate it.

Here are a few things I am doing to change this!

1) I installed hooks on the wall in our kitchen hallway. Technically this is very out of the way... but once we are parking in our garage, it'll be perfect! I hung some high and some low so that they boys can hang their backpacks eventually as well.

2) I take all the mail to the trashcan for sorting when I walk in the door. No more piles at the piano.

3) I clear away anything that does get put on the piano after I put my boys to bed. I walk right by it, so I make myself clean up then.

4) I charge myself $1 for every item that I leave there overnight. I know... honor system... but I am trying to be good and if I don't do it, nobody will!

5) OH! I also push in the piano bench. If I have to pull it out to put something on it, then I'll think twice! I also leave the keys exposed... not closed! One less surface to collect clutter!

Nothing for the trash or sell counts here... but I am getting clutter conquered by putting things away!!

What Entry Way hints do you have?


  1. I have a few of those "hot spots" in my house.
    The only things about keeping the piano keys exposed is that they collect dust.

  2. Our entry way is even smaller, and holds one of the biggest 'issues' in our whole house: shoes. We have 1 closet downstairs, and no room in it for shoes, and I will confess we're too lazy to store shoes upstairs and bring a pair to wear down and back up each day (especially since shoes don't get worn on the carpet, meaning they have to come off to go up and down the steps). This means our lovely entry-way table has piles of shoes under it. I tried a big canvas bin for each of us, but it didn't work. Any suggestions?

  3. I'm so proud of you! We don't have a drop spot when we walk in the door so we manage to spread them out pretty evenly throughout the downstairs. I remember when we moved in to this house 16 months ago I laughed about how much storage was in the kitchen and who in the world could use it all ... blah blah blah ... and how I would have no problem thanks to all the drawers & cabinets. Well, guess what. its jammed packed, along with every inch of my spacious counters. The YAWYK challenge is slowly helping me take over these areas and it works for me. I'm not directed to clean any one area all at once so I don;t feel overwhelmed. I can casually select my items at my convenience and that works for me - since I'm a bit of a rule breaker :) This is my 3rd week in the challenge and albeit my lowest in terms of #s this week but the items I chose made a difference and I know this is a system I can keep up with. Thank you!